Liberal Rage or “Tone it down? I don’t think so.”

By Justin “filthy liberal scum” Rosario

This is a straight opinion piece.  It doesn’t have any historical information.  No analysis.  No research.  No quotes.  What it does have is liberal rage.  Oh yes, didn’t you know?  Liberals get mad, too.  We’ve been mad for a long time but were too busy being civil and nice while regressives called us “wimps” and “hippies” and we let them.  Those days are coming to an end, my friend.  The smooth sailing conservatives have had for decades is heading into the choppy waters of Hurricane Liberal.  You thought 2008 was a storm?  That was just a gentle zephyr; just a little taste of the oncoming Perfect Storm of Progressivism.

We’re angry at how the ideals of our country have been perverted for corporate gain.  We’re angry at how it’s become wicked to be educated.

We’re angry that we’re being told to sit down and be quiet while the bully in the schoolyard is taking all our candy.  We’re angry that we’re told that being angry is something that only conservatives can do and we should be dispassionate at all times.

The hell with that.

We, as liberals, have every reason to be angry and nothing to be ashamed of.  Liberal is a four letter word?  Then I am a potty mouth of epic proportions.  Where’s my Orbit gum?

I promised myself, some time ago, to confront conservative lies and ignorance where ever I encountered them.  I would force people to examine their assumptions, prove their positions and ridicule them when they couldn’t.  I would no longer be tolerant of willful stupidity.  This has cost me several friends and earned me the ire of a few relatives.  So be it.  Just like Sarah Palin, I will not be silenced.  Unlike Sarah, I will not speak without knowledge.  Unlike Sarah, I will not willingly speak a lie to further a cause.  If the truth does not support my agenda, than my agenda is flawed.

The best part?   We have conservatives to thank for showing us the way to ultimate victory.  With all the anger and hate that pours out from the Tea Party.  With all the paranoia and suspicion flowing from Fox and talk radio.  With all of the blatant lies and distortions oozing from the GOP what option do we have?  How do you negotiate, in good faith, with someone that absolutely despises you?

It’s simple.  You don’t.

You marginalize them.  You expose their every flaw, no matter how carefully hidden.  You speak out, in plain English, about their obvious hypocrisy and you build your case bit by bit.  You build it until it is a wall to contain them in their own petty little world of frothing hate.

When a conservative screams lies at you, you scream truth back.  When a conservative accuses you of being unpatriotic, you accuse them of being ignorant.  And then you prove it.  Soft and gentle got us eight years of Bush.  Never again.  If there had been more people unafraid of being called “elitist” or being accused of not loving their country, we might not have gone down that road and the entire world would have been better off.

Some will read this and claim that I’m just as bad as the Right for inciting anger and possibly violence.  That’s bullshit.  You know why?  Look back at what you just read.  My “weapon” is knowledge.  My “vitriol” is directed against deceit and ignorance.  My “violent imagery” is a hurricane.  If you can twist that into the cause for real world violence then you’re: A. an idiot, B. desperate to maintain the “Both sides are equally bad” meme or C. off your meds again.  Compare that to “Second Amendment remedies” and you’ll see there’s no contest.

We don’t need to resort to violence.  We’ll leave that to the Right.  Every time they go off the deep end, it’s just that much more proof of the intellectual bankruptcy plaguing conservatism.  Sooner or later, the denials of responsibility will become so shrill and self serving that even a jaded observer will roll their eyes in disgust.  And that day is coming soon.  Sarah Palin just found that out the hard way.

Be angry but be honest.  Stay mad but only in the service of what is real.  Fight back but only in the realm of ideas.

“Only the weak succumb to brutality.” – Kingdom Come (ok, ONE quote and ten nerd points if you know who said it without Googling)

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