Top Intel Dem Rips Trump For Kissing Putin’s A**s: ‘No Art To This Deal’ (TWEETS)

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is the Ranking Member of the Intelligence Committee in the House of Representatives. He is also a rising star in the era of Donald Trump, due to his clever, sharp tweets, and open contempt for the man baby “president.” Every chance Rep. Schiff gets, he appears on cable news shows – and even on political comedy shows – in order to let the world know how dangerous he thinks Trump is in the White House. Therefore, it comes as absolutely not surprise that Rep. Schiff had much to say about Trump’s weak showing when it came to the much-anticipated meeting with Russia’s autocratic leader, Vladimir Putin at the G 20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany.

Taking to Twitter Saturday night and Sunday morning, Rep. Schiff ripped Trump, who had just tweeted about how he pressed Putin on Russia’s election hacking. Schiff’s response was brilliant:

Rep. Schiff then went on to scold Trump for daring to air his hot war with the American intelligence community on foreign soil:

That’s the thing – Trump might want to bill himself as tough, but he is anything but. He’s a Russian stooge, and it’s obvious Putin has something big on him. There’s that, and he wants to be just like Putin, but never will, because he’ll never have the stones to be anything close to that. Further, luckily for the American people, Trump is too stupid to ever turn into an actual dictator. He just plays one on television and in Washington during his wannabe reality show “presidency.”

I love these responses from Rep. Schiff. He really tells it like is. That likely gets under Trump’s skin. Further, given his position on the Intelligence Committee, it could very well be Rep. Adam Schiff who ultimately, along with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, takes Trump and his whole administration down. Oh, wouldn’t that victory be sweet?

Featured image via Steffen Kugler /BPA via Getty Images