Trump Spoke With Putin About Election Interference, It’s Just As Bad As You’d Expect (VIDEO)

On Friday, Donald Trump finally got the chance to be in the same room as his favorite world leader, Russian President Vladimir Putin. Giddy with the chance to speak with a global leader whom he truly admired, Trump made Putin meet with him for over two hours, according to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Tillerson also reported that Trump brought up the Russian interference in the election, opening the meeting by asking Putin if he’d done any meddling. No one knows why the hell Trump would do this, but Putin responded exactly as we all expected him to – by denying it.

Reporters at the briefing also seemed stunned that Trump actually thought Putin would admit to such a thing, especially since Trump has defended Russia and denied the interference so extensively, even at the expense of America’s intelligence agencies and free press.

Apparently, Trump asked Putin about the election several times, each time getting a denial from Putin. And according to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, that was all Trump needed to convince him or satisfy his need to prove his own innocence in the Russian scandal.

In a report about the meeting, Tillerson said:

“What the two presidents––I think rightly––focused on is how to we move forward… Because it’s not clear to me that we will ever come to some agreed-upon resolution of that question between the two nations.”

You can listen to Tillerson’s recap of what happened between Putin and Trump below:

Putin and Trump’s relationship is highly problematic, and their meeting was the focus of the G20 Summit this week. As Trump’s Russia scandal continues to heat up, it was almost too predictable that America’s corrupt POTUS would ask a question like this, which would of course be denied. Trump is, once again, trying to make fools out of us all – and we’re not buying it.

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