Trump Humiliates Himself And Wastes Time At G-20 Summit By Throwing A Twitter Tantrum About Hillary’s Emails

Incapable of putting his f*cking phone down during an important overseas trip, Donald Trump embarrassed our country again by going on a tirade on Twitter.

Hours ahead of a meeting with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, Trump chose to post a rant on Twitter rather than prepare for what could end up being a disastrous exchange with the man who ordered the interference in the 2016 Election.

Just to recap, Trump’s speech included white supremacist code words such as “western values.” Trump also insulted the Polish people by downplaying the horrific experiences they suffered during World War II.

On top of that, Trump attacked President Obama during a press conference and was snubbed by the Polish First Lady when he tried to shake her hand. Trump’s visit to Poland was embarrassing, not “great.”

Trump then claimed that “everyone” is talking about Hillary Clinton’s emails at the G-20.

This is incredibly doubtful. World leaders have way more important things to talk about. It’s likely that Trump is the only one talking about Hillary’s emails while the rest of the attendees are concerned with how Trump’s meeting with Putin will affect Europe and NATO. After all, Trump still owes his puppet master a favor for putting him in the White House.

Trump then ended his hissy fit by attacking the media.

This tweet actually contradicts his earlier tweet about his Poland speech. Trump thanks everyone, including the “haters,” for the “great” reviews of his speech. Now he is bitching because the media is allegedly covering him “inaccurately.” Which is it?

Of course, Twitter users humiliated Trump for his outburst.

Donald Trump is a complete joke. He can’t even go to the G-20 without being totally obsessed with attacking Hillary Clinton and the media.

Featured Image: Steve Pope/Getty Images

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