Confused Looking Trump Totally HUMILIATES Himself When He Gets Lost On Stage In Poland

Donald Trump simply cannot seem to stop embarrassing himself – and thus America – on the world stage. Right now, he is in Europe for the incredibly important G-20 Summit, in which he is sharing a stage with people who are, well, qualified to be world leaders, whereas he clearly is not. It’s also no secret that all of those leaders think he is a fool and a buffoon. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Trump also spent his time bashing the American free press in a joint press conference with the Polish president. He also went after the intelligence community, and of course, couldn’t resist taking a few shots at President Obama.

Now, those things are already seriously problematic. However, the real, visible shocker came as Trump finished his speech on the stage in Poland – in front of a crowd the Polish government had bussed in to cheer for Trump because they are aware of how fragile his ego is. When he was done speaking, Trump walked from behind the bullet proof barrier that was there to protect his life. But instead of walking off the stage or going toward his security detail, he just wandered around looking confused, clearly unsure of what to do next. Finally, he just stood there like a deer in headlights.

Now, I am no doctor, and far be it from me to diagnose the man with anything. I won’t do that. But something seems to be seriously wrong there. That’s not just Trump’s rank incompetence. That’s clear confusion. He literally had no clue what was going on around him or what he was supposed to be doing. I guess we should be grateful he managed to read from a teleprompter for a bit before whatever is going on with him reared its ugly head.

And this is the guy with the nuclear codes. Think about that and fear for the future of the world.

Watch this amazing video below:

Featured image via Olivier Douliery – Pool/Getty Images