NPR Tweets Entire Declaration Of Independence, Dumbass Conservatives Think It’s An Attack On Trump (SCREENSHOTS)

On Independence Day, National Public Radio tweeted the entire Declaration of Independence to accompany their annual reading of the most important document in our nation’s history.

…and so on.

To people who generally listen to NPR and are typically well-informed (or anyone who graduated kindergarten), this was a wonderful expression of patriotism to be proud of. Then, of course, there are conservatives.

While our frenemies on the Right love to wave their flags and call themselves “patriots,” the Declaration of Independence is apparently on their reading lists alongside the first half of the Second Amendment and parts of the Bible they can use to attack human rights. Conservatives swarmed NPR to whine and cry because they thought the tweets were — get this — an attack on Donald Trump.

When NPR got to this part, things got a bit crazy:

Seriously, check this out.

That last person actually repented, which is strange for a Trump supporter, but admirable:

Trump says he loves the “poorly educated.” The reaction to the Declaration of f*cking Independence shows us why.

Featured image via screengrab