New Poll: WAY More Americans Want Trump Impeached Than Approve Of The Job He Is Doing

Donald Trump has been notorious for touting poll numbers that look good for him. During the campaign, whenever he’d careen into one of his many controversies and the numbers dipped, he and his mouthpieces would reference junk polls to show that people still loved The Donald. Of course, any poll that can be voted in a million times online is bogus. However, factual data isn’t bogus, and that data does not look good for Trump right now. In fact, a new poll shows that way more Americans want Trump removed from office than the number of people who think he’s doing a good job.

According to new data from Public Policy Polling, 47 percent of Americans see Donald Trump as the incompetent, dangerously unstable buffoon he is, and want him impeached posthaste. On the other hand, just 37 percent believe he is actually a good president. That isn’t surprising; after all, the slavish, blind devotion of his mouthbreathing base has not been a secret for nigh on two years now.

On the other side of said insane base, there were marches around the nation for the holiday weekend demanding Trump’s removal and protesting his administration and their policies. Further, more Democrats are becoming emboldened by these numbers and are actually drafting articles of impeachment. One such Democrat is Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA). Speaking in his home district in Los Angeles, Rep. Sherman egged the anti-Trump crowd on, saying:

“We have to act now to protect our country from abuse of power and impulsive, ignorant incompetence.”

At this declaration, the crowd borrowed from Trump’s own base, and shouted back:


Of course, there’s one little difference between Trump’s base and the Democrats – there’s PLENTY of evidence to suggest that Trump is a criminal, while there is absolutely none to suggest the same about Hillary Clinton.

Of course, there will be no impeachment until the Democrats take back the House of Representatives, and there will be no invocation of the 25th Amendment to remove and unfit “president” from office for the sake of the nation. Therefore, we MUST turn out in 2018, and make sure we control both chambers of Congress. That’s the only way we get real, credible Congressional investigations into the Russia ordeal, and it’s the only way we get rid of Trump and his criminal administration.

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images