What Donald Trump Did On The Golf Course Is P*ssing Off His White Male Base (VIDEO)

We already know that Donald Trump hates exercising. In Italy, Trump rode in a golf cart, rather than walk 700 yards like the rest of the world leaders at the G-7 meeting. I guess it would make sense then that Trump’s insists on burning as few calories as possible at his frequent golf outings, but what he did at his own Bedminster Club in New Jersey has even his rich white male base fuming. He drove his cart onto the green. I’m not a golfer, and even I know this is never done.

People weren’t having it:

Of course, this is hardly the worst thing Trump has done, even today, but this may be the first time Trump’s entitled jerk and bully attitude even hit home with his base — at least the part of his base that plays golf.

Featured image via Ian MacNicol/Getty Images