Trump Meeting Privately With Putin, Asked Aides For Gifts To Give Him

It looks like Vladimir Putin is going to walk away with quite the goody bag after he leaves next week’s G20 summit. According to The Guardian, Trump will be meeting privately with the Russian dictator and has asked White House aides to figure out everything he can possibly hand over to Putin.

According to two  officials, national security council staff have been asked to propose “deliverables” — and one idea floating around is to hand Putin control of two diplomatic compounds Obama took away because of that FAKE NEWS Russian attack on our country people in the Trump administration keep leaking stuff about.

The Obama administration says the compounds, which housed 35 spies, were used for Kremlin intelligence gathering operations. It has not been stated what, if anything, Putin would be asked to give us in return.

One of Trump’s first acts in office was to loosen some of the sanctions imposed by the Obama administration in response to the attack on our election. Now, it appears that he will further undo them at G20.

“They have been asked for deliverables, but there is resistance to offering anything up without anything back in return,” said one official who seems worried that Trump will just give Russia something for nothing.

Trump initially considered giving the compounds back in exchange for a new U.S. consulate in St. Petersberg, but that plan fell through after Russian officials met with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Numerous members of Trump’s administration — including The Donald himself for obstruction — are being investigated for their connections to the Kremlin.

Just putting that out there, since Republicans don’t seem to care.

Featured image via Getty Images