Trump Throws Hissy Fit After New York Times Reports That He Doesn’t Know What’s In His Own Healthcare Bill

Donald Trump woke up on Wednesday morning and lashed out at the media again.

The temper tantrum was aimed at the New York Times because they talked to a Republican senator who attended a meeting at the White House Trump organized to discuss the healthcare bill.

Earlier this week, the Congressional Budget Office reported that the Trumpcare bill will cause 22 million Americans to lose their insurance and that premiums would skyrocket by 74 percent on top of taking away many of the protections that the Affordable Care Act currently provides.

Faced with heavy opposition to the Republican repeal effort, Trump invited Senate Republicans to the White House to discuss the matter. It did not go well. The meeting went off the rails because, the senators found, Trump doesn’t know a damn thing about the bill.

According to the New York Times,

A senator who supports the bill left the meeting at the White House with a sense that the president did not have a grasp of some basic elements of the Senate plan — and seemed especially confused when a moderate Republican complained that opponents of the bill would cast it as a massive tax break for the wealthy.

Again, the Times spoke to a person who was actually at the meeting.

But Trump whined about the report anyway and complained that the Times did not call him to confirm the story, which we all know he would not have done because Trump thinks any news story about his incompetence is “fake news.”

Trump even laughably claimed that he know all about healthcare.

In reality, Trump has admitted that he doesn’t know much about healthcare in America. Back in February, he told a meeting of governors that “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.”

Apparently, Trump is the only person in this country who didn’t know that healthcare is a complicated issue in America. One can’t exactly “know the subject well” if one has no clue how complicated the subject is.

Featured Image: Joe Raedle/Getty Images