Neo-Nazi Sues Trump For Making Him Punch A Black Lady At A Rally (VIDEO)

Apparently, if you are unqualified enough for a job, you will develop mind control powers — at least, that’s what neo-Nazi Matthew Heimbach thinks.  During his campaign, Donald Trump regularly encouraged his supporters to beat up African-Americans in the crowd, even offering to pay their legal fees if they did as he told them to (a promise that, like most of his promises, has yet to manifest).

In March Heimbach, leader of the white nationalist Traditionalist Youth Network and a loyal Donald Trump soldier took it to heart when The Donald screamed “Get ’em out of here” as African-American protesters attempted to inform him and his supporters that their lives have just as much value as white lives (and infinitely more value than those of the crackers who would vote for the ideological reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, though protesters generally leave that detail out). Heimbach, wearing his MAGAMAGAMAGA hat, can be seen in a video captured at the time shoving and punching an African-American woman as Trump sicced his posse on her.

Kashiya Nwanguma, the woman from the video and other protesters who were attacked recently filed suit against Heimbach, two other Trump supporters, and the Trump campaign — and Heimbach, who is representing himself, responded with a countersuit not against the women but against the man for whom he voted.

Heimbach claims he acted “pursuant to the directives and requests of Donald J. Trump and Donald J. Trump for President” and that if he’s found liable for damages,  “any liability must be shifted to one or both of them.”

In other words, he knows he’s fucked and hoping the “I was just following orders” defense works out for him even if he does have to throw Trump under the bus. Heimbach says he “denies physically assaulting” protesters, adding that they “provoked a response” by attempting to “disrupt a free assembly and campaign event and to infringe rights of the defendants and other attendees to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to vote and other constitutional rights.”

One again, he can be seen on video attacking Nwanguma. Since he will almost assuredly be using Google a lot in preparing his defense, he should probably look up “perjury” while he is at it. Mr. Nazi adds that he “acted, if at all, in self defense” as well as “in reasonable defense of others” — even when he was shoving his victim from behind.

Heimbach says that The Donald is a “world famous businessman” who “relies on various professionals including attorneys and other professional advisors,” so he “relied on Trump’s reputation and expertise in doing the things alleged.” This accidental admission of fault will, of course, come back to bite him in his posterior.

This filing comes alongside one filed by one of the other attackers, Alvin Bamberger, who also attacked Nwanguma. Bamberger says that he  “had no prior intention to act as he did” and “would not have acted as he did without Trump and/or the Trump Campaign’s specific urging and inspiration.” He “admits only that he touched a woman” and, like Mr. Nazi, “denies that he assaulted that woman” — video be damned!

Speaking of video, you can watch it below:

Featured image via screengrab