Conservatives ADMIT They Incited Violence At Berkeley; Here’s Proof (SCREENSHOTS)

Of course, when there’s violence in protests, we hear a lot of blame getting thrown around. However, the loudest cries of injustice always seem to come from those who don’t believe injustice happens to anybody but them – the nationalist, racist, white supremacist alt-right. Such is the case today with the violence that erupted at the Berkeley protests. The problem is, the alt-right was all over Twitter working to incite violence against the “antifa,” or anti-fascists, whom they’ve branded as terrorists.

Ignoring for a moment the fact that these guys wouldn’t know what actual terrorism is if it bit them, one particular person on Twitter spent much of the last six weeks telling his fellow alt-righters what to carry to Berkeley and how to set it up. They seem to think that attaching flags to sticks will disguise the fact that they’re weapons.

Check out what one of the “leaders,” named General Deplorable, posted to Twitter:

General Deplorable’s diagram up there is about how to ensure those sticks always legal, so they can carry them into “battle,” as well as how to put them together so they’re harder for “enemies” to pull away from them “in battle.”

Here are two other tweets that are incitements to violence as well:

And this is General Deplorable’s Twitter profile pic and info, which actually contradict each other:

Here’s the thing: This crowd of miscreants calls their flag poles “based sticks.” This is what they really are:

The Berkeley Police Department sees these as weapons. In fact, any stick pole, post, or the like that can be used as a bludgeoning tool (along with anything else that can be used as a weapon) are prohibited. To listen to these guys talk on their social media feeds and on their livestreams, though, it’s the anti-Trump protesters who started everything, and Berkeley PD is horrifically biased. Yet, look at what they confiscated:

The American flags belonged to the alt-right, and the black flags and red and black flags belong to what look like black bloc anarchists. Lately they’ve shown up at protests and rallies specifically to cause violence. They’re who every “real American” conservative thinks are the “violent liberals,” but they are a minority fringe group which currently lacks broad support.

It’s not likely that they’ll ever change their minds on that, either.

13 people were arrested and of course, General Deplorable and others are decrying the arrests and Berkeley PD for being biased towards the anti-Trump side, because of course.

But they didn’t go there to hold a peaceful rally. All of this shows that they went there specifically for violence.

Watch a short video of melee below:

Featured image via screen capture from embedded video