Sarah Palin Gleefully Counts Bodies After MOAB Strike And Gets Ripped APART By Twitter (TWEETS)

Leave it to Sarah Palin to get a hate-boner after our resident Manchurian couch potato dropped the “mother of all bombs” on ISIS. The MOAB cost $16 million (enough to completely take care of countless underprivileged families from whom Trump is stripping social programs and healthcare) and cost a whopping $300 million to develop. While some have called Trump “presidential” for learning that stupid people like big explosions, the reality is that he dropped 20,000 pounds of the American people’s tax dollars in a hole and blew it all up to satisfy his ego and distract from his other problems (like Russia).

On Saturday, Sarah Palin gleefully celebrated news from Afghan authorities that they had increased the number of enemy combatants killed to a whopping 94 (that’s about $170,000 per dead body y’all!) and a yet-unknown number of civilians.

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Naturally, super-Christian Palin’s decision to do the happy dance over Trump’s big boom extravaganza on Easter weekend was not taken lightly by people who don’t still believe in that rabbit guy who hides eggs:

Unfortunately, this attitude of finding glory in death is typical of conservatives. Hell, they feel that way for people they just don’t agree with. It’s one thing to say that ISIS must be stopped. It’s entirely different to act like your biggest desire is to bathe in the blood of the dead.

Happy Easter, everyone. Death to the infidels?

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