Democrats Just CRUSHED A Bunch Of Republicans In Illinois Because Of Backlash Against Trump

The Democratic wave has commenced.

In 2010, Republicans gloated about the Tea Party wave that gave them control of the House and have since been bragging about the conservative “wave” that gave them control of the Senate and the White House in 2016.

But because of Donald Trump and his incompetence, Republicans are now staring at an oncoming Democratic wave that could sweep them out of power.

Unlike the Republican wave, however, the Democratic wave has genuine grassroots support and it’s looking more like a growing tsunami.

In Illinois, Democrats demonstrated this firsthand by taking down a bunch of Republicans in local elections in places they had never won before.

According to the Huffington Post,

The city of Kankakee elected its first African-American, Democratic mayor. West Deerfield Township will be led entirely by Democrats for the first time. Elgin Township voted for “a complete changeover,” flipping to an all-Democratic board. Normal Township elected Democratic supervisors and trustees to run its board ― the first time in more than 100 years that a single Democrat has held a seat.

“We had a pretty good day,” said Dan Kovats, executive director of the Illinois Democratic County Chairmen’s Association. “We won in areas we normally would win, but we also won in areas Republicans never expected us to be competitive in. They were caught flat-footed.”

Republicans apparently thought their seats were safe and that they would be able to easily run over their opponents for victory. But that did not happen last week.

Donald Trump has done such a horrible job since taking office that even people who voted for him are seeing the light and turning on him.

Because as it turns out, Trump’s policies are going to hurt conservatives more. His attempt to kill the Affordable Care Act would have stripped millions of Americans of their healthcare. Trump is also launching assaults on Social Security and Medicare, environmental protections, education, etc…

And it’s only getting worse as Trump is now close to dragging America into more wars as more fighting breaks out in the Middle East and North Korea makes threats.

Trump has repeatedly proven that he doesn’t give a damn about the American people. He only cares about himself and Americans who never paid attention to politics before are waking up and getting involved.

That brings us back to the wins by Illinois Democrats and the rising tide that could bury Republicans in 2018 if they don’t reverse course fast.

Democrats are literally running competitive races and winning in areas that are dominated by a conservative population.

They should be striking fear in the hearts and minds of every Republican lawmaker across the country right now. Because if Democrats can win here, they can win anywhere and even Republicans in the most staunchly Republican stronghold are not safe.

These may have been just some local elections but grassroots efforts are the tip of the spear.

At the state level, Republicans have also been struggling to keep long-held seats. A Kansas special election almost turned into a win for Democrats if not for a last minute flood of cash into the race by the Republican Party.

And Democrats in Georgia are running a winning anti-Trump campaign that could give them another seat in the House that had traditionally been held by the GOP.

Republicans also got their asses handed to them in Delaware by a Democrat running a similar campaign.

In short, Trump has poisoned the Republican Party and Republicans only have themselves to blame. They picked Trump to be their leader, and he is now the face of their party. Everything he does reflects on them and the American people are incredibly angry about what Trump has been doing to our nation over the last three months. He has made us a laughingstock around the world.

However, Republicans won’t be laughing when the 2018 Election rolls around. They’ll be devastated. And so will Donald Trump, because a Democratic wave in 2018 means he’s likely to be a failed one-term president.

Featured Image: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images