This Amazingly Diverse Book About Santa Claus Will Make Right-Wing Heads Explode

We all remember the uproar over at Fox News a few years back when the idea of a black Santa Claus came up. In fact, Megyn Kelly was so upset that she had to insist live on the air to all the little children of the world that Santa Claus could only be white. Well, if they were upset by that, they are going to really blow their stacks over the version of Santa Claus being rolled out in a new children’s book.

Called Santa’s Husband, the Harper’s Design book portrays Santa as a black man who is also gay. His husband is a white man. The husband also doubles for Santa at malls worldwide, and the book chronicles their happy existence in the North Pole. Aside from the heaping helping of diversity, even better is the fact that the book’s author is Daniel Kibblesmith, who writes for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Kibblesmith says of the concept, and how it all began as a joke with his partner:

“My fiancée [author Jennifer Wright] and I joked privately, and then on Twitter, that since every house has its own traditions and lore surrounding Christmas, we would tell our child that the black Santa Claus was the ‘real’ Santa. If they saw a white Santa at the mall, we’d explain that this was his husband.”

Kibblesmith also joked about it on Twitter:

He then realized that it was something that people were actually interested in, due to the wide interest it generated on Twitter and said he saw “there was genuine interest in this book becoming a reality.” And voila! Santa’s Husband was born. As for the racists and homophobes who hate the idea? Kibblesmith simply says, “everything is okay.” He goes on to say:

“Some people — not me — even believe that Santa Claus is just your parents, which would mean that there are as many interpretations of Santa Claus as there are different kinds of families. But again, this is only a theory, because Santa Claus is real, and we have written a book about him.”

Lastly, but not least, here is the book’s adorable cover:

Thank you so much for writing this book, Mr. Kibblesmith. This is something that has been needed for a very long time. You’re right – families come in all kinds of packages, and diversity is a strength, not a weakness.

For those interested, Santa’s Husband us due out in October. You can follow Daniel Kibblesmith here on Twitter.

Featured image via Andrew Burton/Getty Images