Trump Uses Syria Attack To Slam Obama, And Twitter GLEEFULLY Shows The Problem With That (TWEETS)

Most leaders, when they give statements on atrocities happening elsewhere in the world, use the opportunity to condemn those atrocities and pledge some kind of help or solidarity. Not Trump. As he has done in the past, he used a devastating attack in Syria as an opportunity to slam his imaginary enemies – in this case, President Obama. When he was done with that, he decided to tack a condemnation onto his statement. The whole thing reads:

The problem is that Trump repeatedly urged Obama not to engage in Syria at all. He said Obama should focus on “our many problems,” on “our country,” and forget Syria. He said things of this nature at least four times:

So what was Obama supposed to have done? Attack and cause a problem, or not attack and…cause a problem? Twitter’s having a field day with this:

No, Trump’s tweets do not age well in a lot of cases. A foolish leader called a previous leader foolish for wanting to go into Syria, and then blames his lack of action there for today’s attack. Sad!

Featured image by Olivier Douliery-Pool via Getty Images