The Trump Administration Just Wrote North Korea Off – Trump Looks WEAKER Than Ever

North Korea has been launching “intermediate range” ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan for awhile now, and, of course, it would be a good idea for us to have an administration that will actually speak out against this potential threat. Yet the Trump administration, for all Trump’s bluster about Obama’s “weakness” on Syria, just issued a statement on their latest launch that should make everyone’s jaws drop. Rex Tillerson literally just said:

“North Korea launched yet another intermediate range ballistic missile. The United States has spoken enough about North Korea. We have no further comment.”

That’s the best he can come up with? Does Tillerson have no idea what he’s doing? Probably not. No, North Korea just fired a missile into the Sea of Japan, which one of our own allies considers a threat. Back in February, they launched a missile into the same area and Trump had a pow-wow over it with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-Lago, prompting tons of questions about the security of the place. Now we have no comment at all.


It’s possible it’s because Trump’s both hoping and expecting China to take care of the problem so he doesn’t have to. In fact, he sent Chinese president Xi Jinping a message that “the clock has run out on North Korea,” and if they decide not to help, “it won’t be good for anyone.” The funny thing is he’s all bluster here. He’s being a peacock about it and hoping that China will see his feathers and decide it’s in their best interests to help us with Pyongyang in ways they’ve never done before.

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And then we won’t have to do very much. We can’t take unilateral action against North Korea and hope that China will fall in line, because we can’t really take such action. China knows that. So what’s Tillerson doing here? Making Trump look as weak as rotted wood on North Korea now.

But Trump will use a gas attack on innocents in Syria as an excuse to blast Obama for being too weak. Good job being a world leader, Trump. You and Tillerson sure showed them.

Featured image by Olivier Douliery-Pool via Getty Images