Obama Officials Were Forced To Take BIZARRE Measure To Ensure Trump Didn’t Hide Russia Documents

Investigations into Russian tampering and collusion during the election were gaining steam even before Trump took office, and the Obama administration was worried enough about it that they took an extraordinary measure to ensure that documents specific to the probe made it into the right hands.

One former Obama official said that they had to create a list of “document serial numbers to give to senior members of the Senate Intelligence Committee,” according to NBC News. The numbers aren’t classified, nor is the existence of such a series, however, to ensure that the Senate Intel Committee actually received the numbers, this official actually hand-delivered them.

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The numbers were intended to make it more difficult for the incoming administration to bury anything.

We have an attorney general who committed perjury. We have a former national security adviser who lied about his contacts with Russia. We have a man in the White House who staffed his campaign with people with ties to Russia. The RNC paid an intel firm that works closely with Russia to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton. The chairman of the House Intel Committee made it clear that he feels more of an obligation to Trump than he does to conducting a fair, impartial and thorough investigation. The list goes on, and Trump, given some of his recent tweets, is running scared.

Besides that, the chairman and vice-chairman of the Senate Intel Committee have their hands on an unprecedented number of documents from the intelligence community relating to the probe. Ordinarily, documents of this nature would not make it into a Congressional investigation like this, but they have. That’s probably put the fear of all the gods there are and aren’t into Trump’s black and shriveled heart.

Since he had proven that the word “ethics” meant zilch to him following the Nov. 8 election, it’s really no wonder that the Obama administration would worry about documents ending up languishing with the CIA at Langley, or possibly destroyed altogether, without anybody ever discovering their existence.

The numbers went to people on Capitol Hill who are authorized to view their corresponding documents.

Photo of Obama by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images. Photo of Trump by Mark Wilson/Getty Images