Trump Embarrasses Himself With Yet Another Desperate Tweet About Russia (TWEETS)

On Sunday morning. Donald Trump once again revealed how desperate he is with regard to that teensy tiny little Russia…thing…with yet another unhinged tweet complaining about people leaking information about his team’s collusion with Vladimir Putin.

Recently, Michael Flynn’s offer to testify in exchange for immunity — a condition he said last year was an indicator that one is guilty of something — sent The Donald into what can only be described as a complete panic. Trump, who agrees that immunity means “guilty,” also says that Flynn should get himself some immunity.

It’s clear that something is rotten in Trumpvillle, and our so-called President knows exactly what it is — all those damn people revealing his administration’s secrets involving Vladimir Putin, his allies, lots of money, some hackers and fake news creators, and probably a couple of Russia pee pee hookers.

Once again, Trump complained about all the leaks that don’t happen on a Moscow hotel bed Barack Obama once slept in. “The real story turns out to be SURVEILLANCE and LEAKING!” Trump said. “Find the leakers.”

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The real story is actually the fact that 17 intelligence agencies agree that Vladimir Putin directly interfered in our election through both state-funded hacking and propaganda efforts involving multitudes of actual paid trolls. The real story is that there is strong evidence that Trump campaign officials worked with a hostile foreign dictator to attack our nation — and that Mr. 45 may be involved.

Naturally, Twitter had a lot to say about Trump’s latest moronic outburst:

Interestingly, Trump’s latest outbursts hinge on information shadily leaked to the lead Republican Russia investigator in the middle of the night on White House grounds by Trump officials — information Devin Nunes hid from his fellow congressional investigators and instead took immediately to the subject of those investigations, Donald John Trump.

It’s no surprise that Trump wants to find the leakers. Coverups are so hard if people keep running their mouths.

At this point, it is clear that The Donald is f*cked. Only time can tell how hard or completely.

Featured image via Getty Images (Pool)/screengrab