Trump Has Brain Fart In Middle Of Executive Order Signing Leaving Pence To Frantically Cover (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is unwell.

The beleaguered president seemed vaguely irritated and distracted in what was meant to be a routine executive order signing. After remarks by Mike Pence, Trump said just a few words before hastily leaving the room. The one thing he forgot to do was the whole reason he was there in the first place: sign the executive order.

Realizing Trump’s mistake, Pence scrambles to stop Trump and get him to sign the document. Instead, Trump orders him to get the folder from his desk and bring it to him to sign outside of the room. Pence, realizing he’s about to go viral as a bit player in Trump’s latest on-camera screw up, awkwardly saunters over to the desk, grabs the folder and rushes out of the room.

Trump appeared reluctant to come back into the room and it’s pretty obvious why. As he mistakenly left, a reporter began asking him questions about his baffling remarks about Michael Flynn on Twitter this morning.

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It’s understandable that he didn’t want to explain the tweet, it could lead to Trump’s eventual downfall. As the New York Times points out, should the DOJ give Michael Flynn immunity, it would mean they likely have bigger fish to fry.

Immunity should be granted as soon as Congress and prosecutors are persuaded that Mr. Flynn has information that will lead to a criminal case against one or more people at least as important to the alleged wrongdoing as Mr. Flynn may be. The overriding objective must be learning who if anyone in the United States collaborated with the Russians as well as who knew about it, what they knew and when they knew it.

Who might that big fish be? Well there was only one person working directly above Michael Flynn: Donald Trump.

Featured image via Twitter