Turncoat Democrats Break Ranks, Back Trump On Stolen SCOTUS Seat (DETAILS)

When one votes for someone with a (D) next to their name, we expect certain things. Namely, in these troubling political times, that they will oppose the bigoted and disturbingly authoritarian Trump agenda at every turn. The problem is, though, that there are Democrats sitting in Congress right now who are acting more like Republicans than Democrats. The most infamous of such figures is one Senator Joe Manchin (DINO-WV). We’ve already reported on how Manchin is a complete turncoat who should simply turn in his (D) for an (R) and stop fooling his voters into thinking he’s some kind of liberal, because he isn’t. Manchin is anti-gay, anti-choice, pro-gun, and pro-coal. Therefore, he is certainly no Democrat in the modern sense of the word, and it should come as no surprise that he is one of two DINOS in the Senate who has announced that he will vote for the Supreme Court nominee to fill the seat that the obstructionist Republicans stole from President Obama. The other turncoat on this issue is Heidi Heitkamp (D- ND).

The Hill reports that Heitcamp says of Trump’s Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch:

“After doing my due diligence by meeting with Judge Gorsuch and reviewing his record and testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, I’ve decided to vote in favor of his confirmation.”

Heitcamp went on to say that Gorsuch is “balanced, meticulous, and [a] well respected jurist who understands the rule of law.”

She obviously coordinated with Manchin to make this traitorous announcement, as it came just minutes after Manchin said of his own voting in favor of Gorsuch via Twitter:

“I will vote to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch to be the ninth justice on the Supreme Court.:

Luckily, there is already an organization that is actively working to deal with DINOs like Manchin and Heitkamp. Called We Will Replace You, the group is making sure to primary “Democrats” who refuse to oppose the Trump agenda and his disastrous nominees. While any Democrat is better than a Republican, these people need to stick to their guns and do what is right, not what they are being pressured to do by the Trump White House, the red state voters, and the Republicans in Congress. If they refuse to do their jobs on behalf of the Democrats who put them in Congress, they should be primaried – and if the good people at We Will Replace you have their way, all of these “Democrats” who are voting across the aisle will be primaried in 2018.

Remember folks – there are plenty of people hiding behind a (D) who are in no way Democrats. Look at the candidate, not the party label, and #RESIST.

Featured image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images