The Internet Drags Trump’s Son For Saying ‘There’s No Better Patriot In The World Than Sean Hannity’

In the wake of Tom Koppel telling Sean Hannity to his face that he is bad for America, Eric Trump came to the Fox ‘News’ host’s rescue. Eric Trump, who has never served in the military just like his father and Sean Hannity, declared on Fox and Friends that “there is no better patriot in the world than Sean Hannity.” adding, “I think he’s just a great, great man.”

He said that beliefs are what “get America to a great place.”

“He has strong beliefs,” Eric Trump said. “And you know, beliefs are what get America to a great place, beliefs on quite frankly, both sides of the aisle.”

He then demonized the “tolerant left,” saying that “they’re very tolerant until they disagree with you.”


That went down on Twitter about as well as you’d expect.

Sean Hannity’s net worth is about $80 million. He lives a lavish lifestyle, owning several homes, each worth millions. But yeah, Hannity is more of a ‘patriot’ than a man or woman who puts their lives on the line to protect our country – and for very little pay. Eric Trump is a trophy hunter and he probably thinks he’s a brave patriot, too.

The two have much in common. Both of them will justify anything alleged president Donald Trump does, even if he marched into a high school and opened fire.

In response to his interview with Mr. Koppel, Hannity tweeted that it was ‘fake edited news,’ because of course he did.

Hannity is no patriot. Those that served in the military must be cringing right now. Donald Trump’s son just threw them under the bus for a wealthy Fox News host who has been sucking up to the amateur president on his show while calling liberals ‘snowflakes.’ By the way, Sean, 2016 called and they want that ineffective word back.

An interesting tidbit about Koppel: The legendary journalist’s Jewish parents fled Germany following the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazism.

Image: screen capture with added tweets.