The Wall Street Journal HUMILIATES Trump And GOP For Choking On Healthcare Bill

Donald Trump and his Republican allies are total losers, and even the conservative-leaning Wall Street Journal admits it.

The GOP proved that they are totally incapable of governing on Friday as the vote for Trumpcare failed to materialize after Republicans leaders in the House canceled the vote because they could not get the necessary support for it from their own party.

It marked the second time in two days that Republicans failed to even bring their healthcare bill to the House floor for a vote.

Of course, that’s a good thing for the American people because the GOP plan would have gutted the Affordable Care Act, stripped health insurance from over 20 million people and caused premiums to skyrocket to prices unreachable for most Americans.

But the failure to pass their own bill despite controlling Congress and the White House demonstrates once and for all that even with absolute power, Republicans are incapable of governing.

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For seven years, Republicans vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act. They rehearsed the vote to repeal it over 60 times in order to pander to their rabid base. But when it came down to it, Republicans choked under pressure from millions of Americans who angrily protested their effort to kill healthcare.

In an editorial on Friday, the Wall Street Journal humiliated Trump and the GOP for failing to govern.

“House Republicans pulled their health-care bill shortly before a vote on Friday, and for once the media dirge is right about a GOP defeat. This is a major blow to the Trump Presidency, the GOP majority in Congress, and especially to the cause of reforming and limiting government. Republicans have campaigned for more than seven years on repealing and replacing ObamaCare, and they finally have a President ready to sign it. In the clutch they choked.”

Indeed, and it goes much deeper than that. For years, Republicans obstructed any and all legislation, including their own bills, all while insisting that they were capable of governing if only they could get a Republican in the White House.

In November, they got their wish, but still could not pass their own bill, and the Wall Street Journal predicts that they won’t repeal the Affordable Care Act at all. The risk of political suicide is not only too high to ignore, it’s clear that there are conservatives who think government works best by failing to do anything.

“There will be no such repeal in this Congress, and probably not in any other. Republicans run the government and that means they are responsible for what happens in health care… Much of the current conservative establishment profits from fanning resentments, not governing. Legislative compromises don’t help Heritage Action raise money for its perpetual outrage machine. An earlier generation of leaders at Heritage understood that the goal of winning elections was to achieve something. The current leaders seem happy with failure.”

In the end, the Wall Street Journal noted that this legislative failure is an “ominous” sign that Trump’s presidency is a failure.

“Perhaps Mr. Trump and the GOP can recover from this debacle, but as an opening act to a new Presidency the collapse of his first legislative campaign is ominous.”

And that’s particularly embarrassing because Trump has not even completed 100 days yet.

Featured image via Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images