Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee Has DISTURBING History Of Open Misogyny

We all knew that Donald Trump would be a nightmare for the Supreme Court. His nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch, is trying to present himself as some sort of legal scholar who will enforce the law fairly regardless of his personal views. However, his past is coming back to haunt him, and it turns out that he is a a misogynistic bastard – and would make horrific decisions when it comes to protecting women’s rights in the workplace. In a letter written to the judiciary, a former student of Judge Gorsuch from his days as a law school professor says the following of his views regarding women in the workplace:

“Judge Gorsuch outlined how law firms, and companies in general, had to ask female interviewees about pregnancy plans in order to protect the company. At least one student countered that an employer could not ask questions about an interviewee’s pregnancy plans. However, Judge Gorsuch informed the class that was wrong. Instead Judge Gorsuch told the class that not only could a future employer ask female interviewees about their pregnancy and family plans, companies must ask females about their family and pregnancy plans to protect the company.”

Another anonymous declaration to the judiciary also confirmed and complained of Gorsuch’s views on working women, saying that he “said that many female lawyers became pregnant, and questioned whether they should do so on their law firms’ dime.”

This goes against a ruling from the Court in 2003, which says of asking women about deeply personal issues such as family planning, which says:

“Historically, denial or curtailment of women’s employment opportunities has been traceable directly to the pervasive presumption that women are mothers first, and workers second. This prevailing ideology about women’s roles has in turn justified discrimination against women when they are mothers or mothers-to-be.”

This opinion was authored by Chief Justice Renquist, and it went on to say:

“These mutually reinforcing stereotypes created a self-fulfilling cycle of discrimination that forced women to continue to assume the role of primary family caregiver, and fostered employers’ stereotypical views about women’s commitment to work and their value to employees.”

This should come as no surprise; after all, Trump himself, as well as Mike Pence, are huge misogynists. However, it is downright terrifying. If this guy is confirmed to the Supreme Court, he’ll turn back women’s rights 100 years. And let’s not even get started on women’s reproductive health. Roe V. Wade will be gone in a heartbeat with this guy.

Democrats, if ever there was an important fight to take on, it’s this one. Keep Neil Gorsuch off the Supreme Court, no matter what it takes.

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images