Republicans PROVE They Believe In Party Over Country With One Incredibly Stupid Question

Congress is chest-deep in their leak investigations, with FBI Director James Comey in the hot seat today. During the House Intelligence Committee hearing, chairman Devin Nunes thought he’d try and ask some really hard-hitting questions, maybe in an attempt to trap Comey into saying something that will incriminate everyone who isn’t Republican in the increasingly tangled web that is the Russia scandal.

All he did was prove that this is about Republicans desperately puffing up their party instead of actually getting to the bottom of possible treason. And he did it with just one question:

“If this committee or anyone else for that matter, someone from the public, comes with information to you about the Hillary Clinton campaign, or their associates, or someone from the Clinton Foundation, will you add that to your investigation?”

Really? He’s trying to make this about Hillary, despite consensus that Russia acted in the interest of Trump? It certainly sounded like that’s what Nunes was doing when he followed up with:

“If they have ties to Russian intelligence services, Russian agents, would that be something of interest to you?”

Comey would not fall into Nunes’ trap, though. He replied with:

“If people bring us information about what they think is improper, unlawful activity of any kind, we will evaluate it. Not just in this context. Folks send us stuff all the time. They should keep doing that.”

Nunes may well by trying to follow Trump’s lead on this, as Trump regularly throws Twitter tantrums in childish attempts to deflect blame. Trump is livid – Comey’s statements that the FBI is, indeed, investigating the Russian scandal are infuriating to him. As such, he’s still all over Twitter trying to convince us that the real problem is the leaks, and that Hillary’s a traitor and a crook and we supposedly all know it, rather than all the evidence piling up against him.

Is it a coincidence that Nunes would also ask about Hillary? Likely not. Nunes and the rest of the GOP should give us a call when they’re ready to actually go to work.

Featured image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images