Trump Supporter Threatens To Slaughter Black People Because A Guy Was Mean To Him On Facebook (VIDEO)

Ever since Officer Darren Wilson murdered unarmed African-American teen Michael Brown in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, Trump supporter¬†James Stachowiak has been threatening African-Americans, even attempting to organize a posse¬†to shoot black people — “animals” and “n*ggers” as Stachowiak calls them — peacefully protesting the GOP convention last year. According to this self-described “patriot,” black women and children (who should be shot “in the backs” according to the right-wing activist) who were seen exiting stores in Ferguson during the protests because they may or may not be looting.

Naturally, African-Americans aren’t exactly fond of the guy who has been leveling threats at an entire race for years. After Stachowiak told his fellow conservatives to “prepare to kill” anyone who punches a Nazi in America, a black man who goes by the name Frank Luc on Facebook messaged Stachowiak, informing him that he will gladly punch him in the face — and if Stachowiak pulls a gun, it will not end well for him. While we can never endorse threats against anyone, the anger this gentleman feels toward a racist white man who has threatened to kill quite literally any African-American who does something he does not like is justified.

Stachowiak, being a thin-skinned bully, quickly published a video on his Instagram threatening Mr. Luc — and, once again, black people in general.

“I will kill him,” Stachowiak said in a video filmed while he was driving. “I will kill you Frank if you so much as set in front of my house even on a public street. I will fill your car with so much rounds they won’t be able to tell if if was a vehicle anymore.”

Then his threats became more general. He informed Frank that he will be “hunted” if he successfully defends himself against a premeditated gun attack and that “anyone between you and the hunters will be acceptable collateral damage.”

“We’re done with Black Lives Matter aren’t we Frank?” Stachowiak continued. “We’re gonna start cleaning it up starting with you Frank.”

In case you missed it, because someone was mean to him on the internet, Stachowiak threatened to ethnically cleanse black people. Regardless of anyone’s opinion of Frank’s message to Stachowiak, it is chilling that he would plot to kill an entire race of people because of one man’s words.

Watch the video below:

featured image via screengrab