NATO Ambassador Just SHAMED Trump – Had To Educate Him On How NATO Works

Donald Trump just got his ass handed to him by a former NATO Ambassador for claiming that Germany owes the organization money.

On Saturday, Trump attacked Germany by accusing them of shortchanging NATO and owing money to the United States for defense.

Once again, Trump demonstrated that he has no clue how NATO works and totally embarrassed himself by attacking an ally.

Not only did German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen shoot down Trump’s claims by pointing out that Germany has “no debt account at NATO,” a former American NATO Ambassador stepped up and thoroughly humiliated Trump by educating him on how NATO works in a series of tweets.

As Ivo Daalder just explained, the commitment to NATO spending is a long-term plan that will occur by 2024. The deadline is fixed and Trump cannot force other nations to pay what he wants them to pay.

Also, the United States does not run NATO. It’s a defense pact between our nation and the nations of Europe designed for mutual defense and cooperation against threats to Europe and North America. But Trump seems to think that it’s an American operated security business or something.

Trump is the most inept president in our history and he continues to prove it every time he opens his big mouth.

Featured image via Mario Tama/Getty Images