Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Trump Over Financial Disclosure (DETAILS)

It looks like Donald Trump can add another case to the list of lawsuits he is facing. An attorney, based in Washington, D.C., has filed suit in federal court alleging that the financial disclosure Trump filed in May 2016 was not even close to accurate.

Jeffrey Lovitky filed the lawsuit on March 14. According to Politico, Trump mixed his personal liabilities in with his business liabilities, making it impossible for voters to get a true picture of his potential conflicts of interest.

“The purpose of these disclosure requirements is to allow members of the public to make informed judgments as to whether candidates for federal office have financial conflicts of interests that may impair their ability to faithfully execute their duties as public servants,” Lovitky explained in the complaint.

Lovitky’s suit does not accuse Trump of any improprieties, but it does allege that the public has not been given truthful information regarding Trump’s many debts due to the lack of clarity in the financial disclosure.

“If you just look at the statement on its face, all those liabilities are assumed to be personal liabilities, but I just do not think that’s the case. I have information that says otherwise,” Lovitky said during an interview with Politico.

When Lovitky was asked why he decided to pursue this issue in court, he said that when it comes to Trump, there are “very serious concerns about conflicts of interest.”

“It’s mostly the fact that with this president there are very serious concerns about conflicts of interest in this particular administration, and I think it’s important that those concerns be addressed thoroughly,” the attorney explained.

Lovitky is not seeking damages in the suit and is only asking the court to declare Trump’s financial disclosure illegal and order him to file a new one that accurately represents his personal debts. Currently, his next financial closure is not scheduled to be released until May 2018. U.S. District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, who was appointed by Bill Clinton, has been assigned the case.

Featured image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images