House Committee Uncovers DAMNING BOMBSHELL – Russia PAID Michael Flynn To Appear With Putin

It’s easy to think the whole brouhaha with Michael Flynn was over the moment he was forced from his post as Trump’s national security adviser, but it’s not. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has been investigating Flynn and his connections with Russia, and they just found something incredibly damning.

RT, a state-run news network in Russia, paid Flynn to attend a gala in Moscow with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Rep. Elijah Cummings, the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, released records that include checks, invoices and emails showing that RT literally paid Flynn nearly $34,000 to attend the function.

And not too long afterward, he was busy advising Trump and his campaign in a voluntary capacity. Not only was he paid a speaking fee at the gala, but his company, Leading Authorities, received $11,250 from that gala. All told, Flynn was paid $56,250 to appear with Putin and do work for two Russian firms, all while he was acting in an advisory capacity with Donald Trump.

Some of that involved a Russian company, Kaspersky Lab, which is a subsidiary of a Russian company that specializes in “uncovering Western government spyware.” In other words, evidence shows that he worked for a company that works against not just the U.S., but also against all our NATO allies. Kaspersky Lab claims it has no ties to any government, but “is proud to collaborate with the authorities of many countries,” in fighting against cybercrimes.

Cybercrimes like…hacking the DNC to help tilt our election to Trump’s favor, maybe? If this isn’t corruption by a foreign power, then what is? Democrats on the House Oversight Committee now want an additional investigation into these payments because the come from companies based in Russia.

We already know Flynn was acting as a foreign agent in Turkey while working for Trump’s campaign, and that he failed to disclose that until just recently. But now we see he was working with Russia, too. It’s high time we learned just how deep this goes. It’s not likely that Flynn was a solo actor here. The entire Trump administration must be thoroughly investigated – we can’t allow Flynn to serve as their scapegoat.

Featured image by Andrew Harrer via Getty Images