As Trump Takes 6th Golf Trip As President The Vow He Made To NEVER Take A Vacation Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Trump spent his the sixth weekend golfing and the internet dug up an supremely uncomfortable reminder for him.

And Trump seems oblivious to the fact that most Americans find the idea of a president taking six vacations in his first two months of being president repugnant. Donning golfing attire, Trump smiled and posed for the cameras in Mar-a-Lago.


The photo itself represented a Trump lie. His staff had told reporters that he was heading to his nearby golf course for the purpose of “having meetings and phone calls.” The president himself said he would be spending the night having an important discussion about veteran affairs. Hours later, no specific meetings were ever reported to have taken place and the “veteran affairs” dinner was suddenly cancelled. All that remained was Trump’s time spent playing golf at the golf course that he owns next to the resort that he also owns.

Which is a nice “screw you” to the rest of us. His trips to the links cost more money each visit than most of the life-saving programs he proposed gutting spend all year. And because he’s doing so as president, the taxpayers are footing the bill to enable it.

Which may be why this video of Trump promising not to every take a vacation as president is particularly insane. He told voters he wouldn’t have time for vacations and added that he would probably never leave the White House, because of all the serious work to be done.

“There’s no time for vacations,” Trump said as a stone-faced Chris Christie sat next to him. “We’re not going to be big on vacations.” Vacations are arguably the only thing Trump is big on as president.

He’s taken so many vacations that in two months he’s already cost taxpayers roughly the same amount of money the Obamas did all year for vacations. The hypocrisy is so bad that it may explain why Trump is desperate to rebrand his Florida resort as the “Southern White House.” You can’t say you’re not at the White House if you simply rename your vacation house “The White House.”

Let’s see if American voters are dumb enough to buy that.

Featured image via screenshot