Trump Has The Most UNCOMFORTABLE Moment With Merkel, Makes A FOOL Of Himself (VIDEO)

Earlier today, Donald Trump had a joint conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and he used it as an opportunity to embarrass himself (and the rest of the United States) in front of yet another world leader. Sadly, this is a pattern that the once highly respected America is becoming used to.

When Trump was asked if he regretted some of his tweets, particularly his insane wiretapping accusations against former President Barack Obama, Trump failed miserably in his attempt to handle the situation and redeem himself with Merkel, who he’d been criticizing for the past few months after she allowed Syrian refugees into her country.

Trump stated that he “very seldom” regrets the things he posts on Twitter, right before turning to Merkel and making a reference to the unfounded wiretapping accusation he created. Trump suggested that perhaps the two of them had something in common, in an attempt to make a joke about Obama’s surveillance of Germany’s administration and press. The problem was, it took several moments for anyone in the audience to get the joke, and the tension in the room was nothing but awkward and uncomfortable as everyone tried to figure out just what the hell Trump was talking about.

You can watch this strange moment unfold below, thanks to MSNBC:

This humiliating moment was just one of the memorable instances between Merkel and Trump today. Trump embarrassed himself again during a sit-down meeting with the German chancellor by turning down her offer to shake hands, making himself seem even more offensive and rude than ever before. Considering Trump’s horrendous track record with women, he couldn’t have chosen a more disrespectful thing to do. Then again, I guess we should all be thankful that he didn’t grab her by the p*ssy.

Trump continues to make the U.S. look horrible in front of other countries, and it’s only been two months. I don’t even want to think about the damage he could do to our reputation in four years. Hopefully, he won’t last that long.

Featured image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images