Sean Hannity Is A Deranged Maniac Who Pulled A Gun On A Coworker

Sean Hannity might be one of the most disliked people in television or radio “news.” Yes, news is in quotes because whatever Hannity does, it certainly doesn’t resemble anything that Walter Cronkite or Edward R. Murrow would recognize as news, but I digress.

Hannity has been called “Fox News’ dumbest anchor,” which is a very low bar (we’re talking to you, Steve Doocy). Besides being dumb, Hannity is a Trump sycophant and his go to “journalist” for softball interviews. He’s also a gun-toting maniac who once pulled a gun on his coworker, Juan Williams.

Still, Hannity’s version of entertainment can go too far. Last year, after ending one of his many spirited on-air arguments with liberal contributor Juan Williams, Hannity pulled out a gun and pointed it directly at Williams, according to three sources with knowledge of the incident. He even turned on the laser sight, causing a red dot to bob around on Williams’ body. (Hannity was just showing off, the sources said, but the unforeseen off-camera antic clearly disturbed Williams and others on set.)

For the record: Hannity’s colleagues brought the Williams incident to the attention of Fox News executives, though it’s not clear whether anything came of it. The sources said it went to Bill Shine, the network’s co-president and longtime Fox News executive, who is Hannity’s longtime friend and a former producer. A Fox News spokesperson said the incident was referred to the legal and human resources departments.

Source: CNN

This happened in October of last year and according to Fox News, Hannity was being totes safe because he’s trained in gun safety. Hannity said he was trying to teach Williams a lesson, sort of.

“While discussing the issue of firearms, I showed my good friend Juan Williams my unloaded firearm in a professional and safe manner for educational purposes only,” Hannity’s statement read. “Every precautionary procedure that I have been trained in since the age of 11 was followed. I’ve had a conceal carry permit in five states for all of my adult life. Any other interpretation of this is outright false reporting.”

Williams, who still works for the network, tweeted that everything is cool, cause you know, a white guy pointing a gun at a black guy is what goes for normal in Foxland. And, well, what do you expect from a network that treats its women employees like sex toys? It’s all about boys just being boys, don’tcha know?

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images.