‘Prepare To Kill’: Conservative Trump Fan Declares Open Season On Anyone Who Punches Nazis (VIDEO)

If you have not yet heard, another Nazi got ‘punched.’ Noted racist and anti-Semitic conservative radio host Michael Savage was leaving a San Fransisco Bay area restaurant on Tuesday night when a man approached him and began making fun of his strangely appropriate legal last name, “Weiner.”

It is unclear what happened next — the “attacker” says that Savage shoved him first while Savage says the opposite, but in the end, the pro-Trump radio host ended up on the ground. Savage says that another man attempted to intervene, but was punched in the face by the unnamed “attacker.” According to Savage’s story, he was able to get up while being “attacked” and help the man who had just gotten punched while simultaneously calling theĀ police and his lawyer (quite a feat while he is the victim of a vicious attack, huh?).

Both men, neither of whom were hurt in the scuffle, stayed at the scene to give statements to police. Savage’s lawyer says that he is investigating if a “hate crime” was committed because Savage’s hateful views may have contributed to the attack.

But if you listen to conservatives tell the story, Savage was viciously beaten by a hateful and violent liberal (the “attacker’s” political affiliation is unknown) who refuses to tolerate right-wing viewpoints like that people in Chicago are “ghetto slime,” that non-white nations are “Turd-World” countries, that Jewish people are “hook-nosed,” and other views regularly espoused by the terrible people who support Donald Trump.

One rabid Trump supporter, James Stachowiak — you may remember him as the guy who made headlines when heĀ said that black protesters (especially women and children) should be shot “in the backs” and that Hillary Clinton’s place is in front of a “firing squad” — says that Savage was “beaten and bloodied” in this “attack.” His solution, of course, is a bloodbath.

“Well people, I have the solution if you’re approached by a group of people like they did to Mike Savage,” Stachowiak says in the video he filmed while driving. He then fumbles around in his pants for a moment and pulls out a gun — once again, while driving. “And here’s my solution.”

“It’s time to start capping these bastards,” Stachowiak says. “Lethal force, people. Lethal force. Prepare to kill in defense of your free speech and the way you believe.”

“Every one of the people who attacked Mike Savage needs to be hunted down and taken out vigilante-style,” Stachowiak says. “That’s right, I’m condoning the killing of the people who attacked Mike Savage.”

While violence is never the answer, let’s put this in context: a single person allegedly shoved Mr. Savage, so Stachowiak thinks the solution is to round up a posse and murder him (the single individual that Mr. Stachowiak says was a gang of violent liberals).

This is the mindset of the common Trump supporter: shoot first, whether it’s warranted or not, because no liberal life is more valuable than whatever passes for dignity to these folks. Watch Stachowiak’s violent threats below:

Featured image via screengrab