Here’s What Happens When Children Win A Science Contest In Trump’s America (VIDEO)

In Indiana, schools staged a robotics competition for fourth graders. The winning team was comprised of two African-American children and three Latino children, ranging in age from 9-10. While this fact should (and does) demonstrate that science doesn’t know skin color, it also brought out the ugliness that’s become pervasive in Trump’s America.

The winning team was from Pleasant Run Elementary in Indianapolis. As they were leaving the competition, though, things got really ugly. Some children screamed “Go back to Mexico,” to the team. Then, parents got involved and it got even worse.

This verbal attack had spilled over from the gymnasium. While the children were competing, one or two parents disparaged the Pleasant Run kids with racist comments — and loud enough for the Pleasant Run families to hear.

“They were pointing at us and saying that ‘Oh my God, they are champions of the city all because they are Mexican. They are Mexican, and they are ruining our country,’ ” Diocelina Herrera, the mother of PantherBot Angel Herrera-Sanchez, heard a woman say.

Source: USA Today

School officials, naturally, apologized and said that that sort of behavior isn’t tolerated, but unfortunately, this is Trump’s America and enabling that sort of behavior is what the non-political correctness crowd is all about.

Trump’s America is why Rep. Steve King (Iowa), who literally preached eugenics on Twitter, had almost zero consequences from Republicans.

Trump’s America is why hate crimes have been on the rise since the election.

No, Trump is not the cause of racism, but he is an enabler. Racism has suddenly become socially acceptable, at least among certain people. Trump has filled his cabinet and administration with white supremacists. Steve Bannon is a known white supremacist and he is the de facto Chief of Staff (sorry Reince Priebus, but you know this to be true). Their policies even want to make it easier (and slightly more legal) to be a radical right-wing extremist.

The winning kids, fortunately, were much more mature than some of the adults. One gave the most heart breaking comment of all:

“They yelled out rude comments, and I think that they can talk all they want because at the end we’re still going to Worlds,” said team leader Elijah Goodwin, 10. “It’s not going to affect us at all. I’m not surprised because I’m used to this kind of behavior.

He shouldn’t have to be used to it. No one should ever be used to this.

Featured image via Pleasant Run Elementary website