WHOA: It Appears Trump Leaked Classified CIA Info To Fox News

“I just want people to know, the CIA was hacked, and a lot of things taken — that was during the Obama years. That was not during us,” Trump recently told Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson during an interview. “That was during the Obama situation. Mike Pompeo is there now doing a fantastic job.”

In saying those words, it appears that The Donald did something against which he has been railing ever since his administration began leaking more than two Russian prostitutes in a certain orange man’s Moscow hotel room: he leaked classified information.

Now as President, Donald Trump can declassify any information he wants, but Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California points out that Trump did not make “a purposeful decision” to do that. He just talked.

“In his effort to once again blame Obama, the President appeared to have discussed something that, if true and accurate, would otherwise be considered classified information,” Schiff said in a press release.

“The president has the power to declassify whatever he wants, but this should be done as the product of thoughtful consideration and with intense input form any agency affected. For anyone else to do what the President may have done, would constitute what he deplores as ‘leaks,’” Schiff says. He also took to Twitter to rail against Mr. Number 45 for applying a different set of rules to himself than others:

Interestingly, Trump doesn’t consider little things like his administration’s ties to Russia to be matters of public interest. Or his tax returns. Or anything else that could expose him for exactly what he is.

But if Trump is in the business of declassifying information, he could easily answer any questions Americans have about Russia with a stroke of his pen.

Do it, Donald.

Featured image via Getty Images (Pool)