Watch Trump Flat-Out Admit Trumpcare Will Ruin The Lives Of His Own Supporters (VIDEO)

The Republican bill meant to dismantle the Affordable Care Act has been hit on all sides as nonsensical, dysfunctional and sinister. The plan, which appears to be scrapped together with little thought to the consequences, has been shown by the Congressional Budget Office as well as many outside reviewers an excellent way to cost tens of millions of people their health insurance while also not saving very much money for anyone but the wealthy.

And critics of the bill now have a perfect soundbite… from President Trump himself.

In an astonishing interview with Fox’s Tucker Carlson, Trump casually admits that the plan put forth by Paul Ryan and endorsed by his administration will make millions lose insurance. Even more incredible, Trump acknowledges that the deepest harm will be felt in poor, red states – states that overwhelming voted for him. Only a man who inherited millions, never worked a day in his life, and lives in a literal gold tower could be so nonchalant about essentially admitting that his plan will destroy access to healthcare to the American public:

Carlson, who to his credit presses Trump on how damaging this healthcare replacement bill is, points out that the “centerpiece” of the bill is a tax cut the ultra-rich. On the flipside, the bill disproportionately harms poor people.

“A Bloomberg analysis showed that counties that voted for you – middle class and working class counties – would do far less well under this bill.”

Trump’s response: “Oh, I know that. I know.”


Trump later tried to salvage the admission by saying that while this bill clearly screws over his own voters, there will be other – so far nonexistent – additions that will magically help those affected. He never bothers to explain how exactly this would happen. No proposal has even been suggested that addresses these issues. Like a chef admitting he poisoned the food but who still expects his customers to eat up because he may have some Pepto-Bismol lying around somewhere. Only the food poisoning will kill you.

And the chef is a known liar.

And the Pepto-Bismol is more tax cuts for the rich.

Featured image via Fox News