Trump’s HHS Secretary Argues That Insurers SHOULD Be Able To Charge Sick People More (VIDEO)

The debate about health care has lead to some pretty ugly comments from the right, but without a doubt, this one is among the most disgusting. Donald Trump’s Health and Human Services secretary, Tom Price, recently argued that insurance companies should be allowed to charge sick and elderly people more.

According to Price, if we don’t let insurance companies charge older, sicker people so much money for coverage that they can’t afford it at all and just let them die, then we will find ourselves with any insurance companies period.

“Well, the fact of the matter is that if we’re gonna have any insurers, and the ones that are remaining are saying, ‘if you con’t change this, if you don’t stabilize this market, if you don’t make it so that we can actually price to the risk of an individual, then we’re not gonna be able to stay here at all.'”

And his answer to this dilemma? To go ahead and allow insurance companies to price sick people completely out of insurance coverage altogether. Now, this may sound like a stupid question, but it’s one I have to ask nonetheless. WTF is the point of having insurance at all if you are gonna end up without it when you need it the most? Isn’t having insurance to help with the sky-high costs of medical care when you’re sick kind of the whole point?

Not to mention that this literally means he would rather let people die because they can’t afford to see doctors, treatments, and medications so that the insurance companies can save a dollar? It’s absolutely disgusting and infuriating. Healthcare is a human right, not just a luxury for the rich.

You can watch Trump’s health and human services secretary condone allowing insurance companies to price sick people out of health care here:

Featured image via video screen capture