Trump FURIOUS After Federal Judge Stops His Bigoted Muslim Ban In Its Tracks (VIDEO)

Just hours before Donald Trump’s new Muslim ban was set to go into effect, a federal judge in Hawaii blocked the executive order. U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson ruled on Wednesday afternoon that the travel ban still doesn’t still doesn’t pass legal muster.

“The illogic of the Government’s contentions is palpable. The notion that one can demonstrate animus toward any group of people only by targeting all of them at once is fundamentally flawed,” Watson wrote.

“Equally flawed is the notion that the Executive Order cannot be found to have targeted Islam because it applies to all individuals in the six referenced countries,” Watson added. “It is undisputed, using the primary source upon which the Government itself relies, that these six countries have overwhelmingly Muslim populations that range from 90.7% to 99.8%.”

“It would therefore be no paradigmatic leap to conclude that targeting these countries likewise targets Islam,” Watson added. “Certainly, it would be inappropriate to conclude, as the Government does, that it does not.”

Trump then proceeded to fly into a rage during a campaign rally in Nashville, Tennessee. (Yes, this man is seriously still holding campaign rallies. But I digress.) While speaking, Trump said the ruling was “terrible” and promised to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court if he had to.

“We’re going to take our case as far as it needs to go, including all the way up to the Supreme Court,” Trump said. We’re going to win. The danger is clear. The law is clear. The need for my executive order is clear.”

Obviously fuming over the decision, Trump insisted that Judge Watson ruled against his Muslim ban for “political reasons.” After all, it simply couldn’t be because it’s based on bigotry. Trump said that this “makes us look weak” when it comes to fighting terrorism.

According to Trump, his latest attempt to ban Muslims from the country was “tailored to the dictates of the flawed ruling” on his first ban.

“This is a watered-down version of the first one,” Trump said. “And let me tell you something, I think we ought to go back to the first one and go all the way, which is what I wanted to to in the first place.”

Trump also whined that he couldn’t say the things he really wanted to say about the judge’s decision to halt his bigoted ban because he would be “criticized.”

“I have to be nice otherwise I’ll be criticized for speaking poorly about our courts,” he told the crowd. “Among the most dishonest people in the world, I will be criticized.”

You can watch this segment of Trump’s speech here:

Featured image via Bill Pugliano/Getty Images