Trump Decides That Starvation Should Be A Central Theme Of His Budget

Programs that have kept hungry Americans fed for decades are being slashed so Donald Trump can spend more money on the bloated military budget.

Since 1954, the United States has funded Meals On Wheels, a program that supports 5,000 community-based senior nutrition organizations across the nation. Over 2.4 million hungry Americans 60 years of age and older directly benefit from the program.

And getting a meal in their bellies is not the only benefit Meals On Wheels provides.

According to a research study, the Meals On Wheels program:

Improved mental health, specifically decreases in depression and anxiety

Improved physical health

Reduced likelihood of falls

Reduced feelings of isolation and loneliness

Less worry about being able to remain living at home

Increased feelings of safety

A higher likelihood of eating healthy

Basically, Meals On Wheels volunteers serve as a check on the health and well-being of vulnerable senior citizens. They’ve literally saved lives.

But if Trump has his way, millions of seniors are going to starve and lose all of the other benefits associated with Meals On Wheels.

Trump is planning to gut the $3 billion Community Development Block Grant program, which includes Meals On Wheels as part of his heartless plan to increase defense spending. As we should all know, the United States spends more on defense than anyone else in the world and could cut spending in half and still be number one.

That defense spending includes $3 billion a year for Israel. So while senior citizens are starving in America, Israel will continue ripping off American taxpayers in their bid to commit genocide against Muslims.

Trump is also taking aim at the Food for Peace Program, which is “a State Department program that distributes food assistance in emergencies such as famine and natural disaster, and does some non-emergency food relief.”

This particular program plays a critical role in American diplomacy because our humanitarian efforts help build American prestige and respect throughout the world.

By eliminating these programs, Trump is clearly sending a message to everyone inside and outside our borders that he does not care whether you starve to death or not.

And that includes people who voted for Trump, since Trump won the vote of those 65 an older eight points in 2016. Looks like Trump voters are getting screwed again.

Meals On Wheels is already struggling as it is to provide meals for the 2.4 million people they currently serve. But as Meal On Wheels explains, the senior citizen population is exploding and hunger is going to get worse.

The reality is, more than 10 million seniors in America struggle with hunger, 15.2 million live in isolation and 18.4 million live in or near poverty. And, this problem will only become more serious as the senior population is projected to double by 2050. Families are spread out and elders are left behind, often as they struggle to remain able to take care of themselves.

That means Trump is only making hunger in America worse by cutting this program. He should be ashamed of himself, and Republicans should be ashamed as well. Because they can’t seriously call themselves “Christians” and not support programs that feed the hungry.

Featured Image: Spencer Platt/Getty Images