Top Trump Advisor Exposed As Member Of Nazi Group – AND He Violated Immigration Laws: Report

Funny how this just keeps happening.

Yet another Trump advisor has been caught having ties to a shady, fascist-linked group in Europe. No it wasn’t Trump’s former campaign manager who had ties to pro-Russian Ukrainian separatists. Or his former National Security Advisor who was secretly working on behalf of the Turkey during Trump’s campaign. Or his former advisor who has ties to both Russia and the hacker responsible for stealing the DNC’s emails.

This time it is Sebastian Gorka, a top national security advisor who was just outed as being a member of a Nazi-allied Hungarian group. Oh, and he also violated immigration laws when he moved to the United States and didn’t mention that he was, in fact, a friend of Nazis. (Being a friend of Nazis is sort of something the American government frowns upon — at least it was until January 20th of this year.)

Gorka was first outed by The Forward and things quickly came tumbling down.

The elite order, known as the Vitézi Rend, was established as a loyalist group by Admiral Miklos Horthy, who ruled Hungary as a staunch nationalist from 1920 to October 1944. A self-confessed anti-Semite, Horthy imposed restrictive Jewish laws prior to World War II and collaborated with Hitler during the conflict. His cooperation with the Nazi regime included the deportation of hundreds of thousands of Jews into Nazi hands.

Gorka’s membership in the organization — if these Vitézi Rend leaders are correct, and if Gorka did not disclose this when he entered the United States as an immigrant — could have implications for his immigration status. The State Department’s Foreign Affairs Manual specifies that members of the Vitézi Rend “are presumed to be inadmissible” to the country under the Immigration and Nationality Act.

First he “stonewalled” when asked about his ties to the Nazi-allied group. Then the leaders of Vitézi Rend verified that he was a member of their organization which included taking what they call a “lifelong oath of loyalty to their group.” And finally Gorka refused to confirm or deny that he was a member of the group. As many have noted, being asked “Are you a member of a pro-Nazi group?” shouldn’t be hard to answer. For most people it would be easy to say “no” or more colorfully “Are you crazy? Of course not!”

Gorka instead told reporters to “send a request to White House press.” Sean Spicer is about to have a really bad day.

The stonewalling by Gorka comes at a time when the Trump administration is already having trouble condemning anti-Semitism. Trump’s pathetic lack of moral fiber when it comes to intolerance coupled with the revelation that one of his closest advisors is a member of a group that handed “hundreds of thousands of Jews into Nazi hands” prompted the Anne Frank Center to – once again – condemn the Trump administration.

At what point do all these dots finally become connected? At what point is it too obvious a pattern to shrug off as coincidence? How many more Nazis will it take?

Featured image via Alex Wong/Getty Images