Palm Beach County Looks To Levy Tax On Mar-a-Lago To Pay For Cost Of Trump’s Expensive Visits

Donald Trump has been vacationing at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida nearly every weekend since taking office, and now Palm Beach County intends to force him him to pay for it.

The cost of Trump’s weekend forays have been devastating for local taxpayers and area businesses.

For two months now, they have had to deal with providing extra security, directing traffic, shutting down a local airport, and all the economic hazards Trump has caused.

Of course, Trump doesn’t care about the people he hurts as long as he gets to throw parties and golf on the taxpayer’s dime.

So far, Palm Beach County has had to pony up $1.7 million for extra security when Trump is in town.

And because of the extra security, businesses in Palm Beach are losing tens of thousands of dollars every weekend, causing many to literally go broke.

In fact, Trump’s weekend vacations has cost taxpayers on the national level over $10 million and counting and Trump is on pace to play more golf and go on more vacations and spend more money on those vacations in a single year than President Obama did during his whole eight years in office.

Palm Beach county residents and officials are especially tired of Trump’s visits, and they want their back, which Trump has so far refused to reimburse.

So Palm Beach lawmakers are looking to classify Mar-a-Lago as a “municipal service benefit unit” so they can level a special tax on Trump to force the money out of him.

County Commissioner Dave Kerner is looking into this method to provide relief to local taxpayers who have had to deal with the burden. It’s one thing for a president to visit once in awhile, but every weekend is ridiculous.

According to the Palm Beach Post,

It could give the county a way to impose a special tax on Trump to reimburse the county for the millions it has shelled out for roadway management and security assistance during the president’s frequent trips here.

The tax would not be a property tax, Kerner said. Instead, it would be a tax pegged to the value of any “special benefit” the county has provided to Mar-a-Lago’s owner — Trump.

In other words, if Trump wants to continue taking his little trips to Florida, he’ll have to pay the price. And that will at least give the residents of Palm Beach something to smile about when Trump comes to town.

Featured Image: Mario Tama/Getty Images