CNN Panel ERUPTS, Gets UGLY After Guest Defends Trump’s Muslim Ban (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s disgusting travel ban is a highly divisive issue, and last night it caused a CNN panel to completely devolve into chaos as the panelists went at each other’s throats on national television.

On CNN Tonight, host Don Lemon had his hands full as he tried to maintain some sort of order and control over his panel guests as they discussed Trump’s second version of his travel ban, which bans travelers from 6 majority-Muslim countries. But when former federal prosecutor John Flannery accused Harvard Law School’s Alan Dershowitz of supporting the controversial ban due to his apparent pro-Israel views, things got heated rather quickly. Flannery said:

“Our dear colleague, Alan Dershowitz, I think, hopes that this may secure Israel.”

“I think it’s a powerful argument that we’ve established religion in this fashion through this ban that is transparently against Muslims.”

Dershowitz flipped out at this accusation, and fired back:

“You’re lying through your teeth. I never said a word about Israel. When you focus on everything I say about Israel it really raises questions about your own bigotry and biases, so let’s get to the point and just keep your mouth shut.”

Dershowitz then stated that although he felt the ban was “bad policy”, Trump was within his constitutional boundaries to order it. He and Flannery sparred over the legalities for a bit, before the conversation circled back around to Israel. Dershowitz then exploded:

“What does this have to do with Israel? Why in your bigoted background do you have to bring in Israel to attack me? Your bigotry is showing.”

Flannery responded, “I believe that’s the reason you’re taking the position you are” – and this set Dershowitz off.

“You can’t believe anything I say because I’m a Jew and a Zionist? For shame on you sir. I never want to be on the show with this bigot again!”

Lemon then had to step in and try to restore some sort of civil discussion. Without a doubt, Trump’s travel ban is one of the worst things he’s done in his short disastrous two months as POTUS, and it’s raising some very important questions amongst Americans and their biases. You can watch the panel melt down below:

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