Ruby Rose And Chrissy Teigan Troll Donald Trump’s Wiretapping Nonsense In Hilarious Twitter Spoof

The longer Donald Trump and his merry band of authoritarian misfits carry on with the baseless claims that President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 election cycle, the more subject they are to merciless and unrelenting ridicule. The latest people to troll Trump? Entertainers Chrissy Teigan and Ruby Rose.

The two women had been on Lip Sync Battle together, and they used that as a way to riff on Trump’s insane allegations against the former president. Taking to Trump’s favorite platform for communication, Twitter, Teigan and Rose engaged in a back and forth in which they pointed Trump’s own insanity back at him:

The best part is that Ruby Rose pretty much outright calls Trump crazy. That’s because he is. As funny as this is though, and as well-deserved as the mockery here and elsewhere is, it is also frightening. Donald Trump is president of the United States. What he says — even via Twitter — is of the utmost importance. He lies incessantly — pathologically, even, and seems at times to be downright delusional. That is dangerous for the nation and the world, to have such a person holding the nuclear codes.

Keep the mockery up, celebs. Perhaps Trump will go so far off the rails that the men in white coats will come for him, and we’ll all be saved.

Featured image via Michael Buckner/Getty Images (Teigan)/Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images (Ruby Rose)