Joe Scarborough Just EVISCERATED Trump’s Attorney On Twitter Over Tax Returns (TWEETS)

The days when Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough would play nice with Donald Trump are definitely over. Not only has Scarborough turned into a major Trump critic, but he’s actually going after Trump’s team now.

While Trump’s team scrambles to do damage control after Trump’s 2005 tax return was released last night on Rachel Maddow’s show, Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen decided to individually attack anyone who criticized Trump and claim that he’d intentionally leaked his tax returns to journalist David Cay Johnston himself. What Cohen didn’t bank on was getting into a vicious Twitter war with Scarborough, and getting his a** handed to him in the process!

Earlier this morning, Scarborough had weighed in on Trump’s tax document, adding to the suggestions that Trump was behind the leak. Scarborough noted that this tax return was suspiciously normal, and wondered why it hadn’t been a more current tax document:

Cohen saw this and decided to jump in, attacking Scarborough and saying that he “better have proof” to back up his “big mouth” – proving that everyone on Trump’s team is a bully.

Cohen immediately regretted this, because Scarborough hit right back and put it perfectly when he told him to “save your dumb thug routine for someone who gives a damn.”

Brutal. Cohen has now resorted to retweeting insults people are making about Scarborough on Twitter, obviously because he’s not courageous enough to come up with something himself. Meanwhile, Scarborough is attacking Trump on everything from his tax returns to his wiretapping accusations against former President Barack Obama – which Trump still has yet to provide any evidence for.

Once again, the media has shown more guts and spine than anyone on Trump’s team, and anyone in the Republican Party for that matter.

Featured image via Frederick M. Brown and Drew Angerer / Getty Images