House Intelligence Committee: Trump Lied About Obama, Absolutely Zero Evidence Of Wiretapping (VIDEO)

Less than 24 hours after Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer said the president was “extremely confident” that his accusations against Obama for wiretapping Trump Tower would be proven correct, the House Intelligence Committee scheduled a press conference to say they found zero evidence that this happened. Absolutely zero.

House Intel Chair Devin Nunes has been a strong Trump supporter and has repeatedly flirted with launching a full-fledged investigation into Trump’s claims that Obama spied on him. Instead, after a week of complete nonsense, Nunes said he and his committee are confident there was not “an actual tap of Trump Tower.” This directly contradicts Trump’s unfounded accusation:

Despite repeated calls to provide evidence, Trump has not done so. Nunes said in light of the lack of evidence, he isn’t buying it.

Trump has failed to provide any details about the allegations he made against Obama. According to a timeline of events and also staffers within the White House, Trump got his information – which would implicate Obama in a major felony – from a story run on white nationalist website Breitbart, which, in turn, had lifted the conspiracy theory almost verbatim from a conservative radio host named Mark Levin. Neither Breitbart nor Levin bothered to offer any proof for these allegations. (In fairness, neither probably expected that their Obama hit job pieces would find their way into the president’s early morning tweetstorms and their regular readers, eager to hate Obama, don’t typically require evidence for their outrageous claims.)

So it’s painfully obvious that Trump is a unrepentant liar, but being a Republican hack meant Nunes couldn’t let it go at that. He had to try to paint Obama as sinister in other ways. Rather than admit his president is a liar who made these allegations without a shred of proof, Nunes expanded his definition of “spying” to include the “incidental collection of Americans that were possibly tied to Trump’s campaign.” He hoped this would mean Americans would see that as an intrusion of Trump’s privacy.

Which is extremely weird because that only goes to show the uncomfortable relationships between Trump and the Russians during the campaign. The very fact that their were “incidental collections” of information on Trump’s staffers was because those staffers (think Michael Flynn) were communicating with Russian operatives who were under surveillance. This would be like having a chat with an ISIS leader then being mad that the CIA listened in.

Ironically, that makes Trump and his goons look much worse than either Obama or the CIA.

So how does Nunes sleep at night knowing he’s supporting a president who is – at best – a pathological liar? He said he’s not sure Trump was being “literal” when he accused Obama of the worst political crime since Watergate:

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