Darren Wilson Just Admitted He LIED About Michael Brown Trying To Take His Gun

If you ask any conservative, Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson was completely justified in shooting Michael Brown under extremely suspicious circumstances because the unarmed African-American teenager “tried to Grab Wilson’s gun.” This, Wilson now admits, is a lie.

In his 2014 testimony, Wilson claimed that Brown grabbed his gun and said “you are too much of a pussy to shoot me.”

“The gun goes down into my hip and at that point I thought I was getting shot,” Wilson said — and the Right ate it up.

This self-defense claim also allowed the officer to escape without any criminal charges, and was very popular among conservatives, who wanted nothing more than to exonerate their beloved white police officer. But Wilson’s answer now is very, very different. In a questionnaire related to a civil trial, he now admits it didn’t happen.

Wilson now says that not only was the holster designed to prevent the very scenario that he says made him scared enough to shoot the unarmed teen, but that Brown did not try to remove the gun from his holster at all (though he does still maintain that Brown was a living, breathing weapon of mass destruction):

Wilson also admits that he used the word “n*gger* to refer to African-Americans, and that he heard other Ferguson cops do the same:

At this point, if it is not clear to you that there was a severe miscarriage of justice in not locking this monster up, there is no help for you.

Featured image via screengrab