Conservatives Are Now Threatening The Family Of The Journalist Who Released Trump’s Taxes (TWEETS)

It was obvious this was going to happen, but if you were holding out hope that David Cay Johnston could release Donald Trump’s tax returns without facing harassment from his supporters, you will be sad to know that Trump fans are just as horrible as ever. Ever since he broke the story, Johnston says that cowardly Trump supporters have been threatening his wife and one of his children.

“Trump fans call & harass my wife & 1 of my children after I break story White House confirmed. Sad!” Johnston wrote on Twitter. “Let’s have open debate, not threats.”

Johnston added that he is not intimidated by Trump fiends’ attempts to intimidate him, but that the “calls to family are out of bounds, a disturbing sign of how Trump damages civil debate.”

On top of that, he says, Trump and his less-stupid-than-Eric-but-still-stupid son have been lying to the American people about the exact taxes The Donald has paid.

The release of Trump’s taxes did not, ultimately, reveal much (in fact, the very fact that The Donald paid any taxes at all was a positive for him), but one thing is very telling: Trump’s attempt to do away with the Alternative Minimum Tax is definitely centered around saving himself money:

It’s unclear why Trump’s followers would go after Johnston and his family over this, but once again — it is the norm for the sort of person who would still support Trump.

Featured image via Twitter/Getty Images (Pool)/screengrab