CNN Host STUNS Sean Spicer With An ONSLAUGHT Of Facts About Obamacare Repeal (VIDEO)

CNN’s Jim Acosta has been a thorn in the Trump administration’s side ever since Donald Trump insulted him during a press conference and called him and the news network “fake news”. Needless to say, every time Acosta asks a question, Trump’s team gets nervous – and this was apparent yesterday when White House Press Secretary found himself cornered by Acosta on the GOP’s new healthcare plan at a White House briefing.

When Acosta brought up the fact that the Republicans’ new plan would result in millions of Americans losing their insurance – a fact that was confirmed by the Congressional Budget Office – Spicer almost blew up trying to defend the GOP’s plan. Acosta asked:

“Would you concede that there will be some coverage losses, perhaps in the millions? There will be millions of people who will not have health insurance because of what you’re doing.”

Spicer tried to argue against Obamacare’s individual mandate, stating that many Americans already chose not to purchase Obamacare, instead opting to pay penalties – but Acosta wasn’t having any of it. Acosta replied:

“The mandate forces people to buy insurance so you don’t have the free rider problem. You have free riders and those folks end up in car accidents and end up at the emergency room. And then health care is much more expensive.”

Spicer tried to hit back and say that Obamacare “forced people to buy plans that they did not like that were mandated by the government,” but Acosta continued to lay into him with fact after fact. Acosta was quick to point out that the CBO stated that over 20 million fewer Americans would have coverage by 2020, and argued that government-run health care like Obamacare was not the problem. Acosta said:

“Medicare is government-run health care. I don’t see citizens screaming that they want you to get rid of their Medicare.”

Acosta and Spicer went back and forth over the GOP’s new healthcare plan for several minutes, and it was clear that Spicer was unraveling and about to lose it. You can watch Acosta rail against Spicer below:

Featured image via Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images