WATCH: Trump Misses Deadline To Provide Proof Of Wiretapping And Get Called Out For Being A Liar

If Donald Trump really had proof that President Obama wiretapped him he would have revealed it long before now.

Over a week ago, Trump accused Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower without providing a single shred of evidence of back up his claim.

The tweets created a firestorm as the media quickly called Trump out and even Republicans wanted no part of Trump’s bullshit. However, Congress left the door open for Trump by setting a deadline for him to provide evidence supporting his accusation.

White House mouthpiece Sean Spicer then tried to start backing away from the accusation, claiming Trump didn’t mean “wiretapping” when he said it.

And now that deadline to provide proof has come and gone, meaning Trump was clearly lying when he accused President Obama of a felony.

Joe Scarborough reacted to the missed deadline on Twitter.

“This is a joke right?” he asked. “I’m not being a smart ass here but everybody knows Trump was lying about Obama and the FBI tapping him. EVERYBODY.”

And Mika Brzezinski echoed her co-host on Morning Joe on Tuesday by by calling on Trump to admit he’s a liar and apologize.

“If the president was lying, don’t you think at some point he ought to say, ‘I apologize, I am just an idiot. I will not do that again?’” she began.

Brzezinksi then went after Spicer for supporting Trump’s lie and then trying to spin out of it on Monday during a press briefing.

“These reporters trying so hard to keep a straight face and Sean Spicer, who’s a nice guy, but he’s got to stop. He’s got to stop,” Brzezinski said, noting that the Justice Department has nothing to give Congress to justify an investigation.

And then she called Trump out.

“Were you lying, Mr. President? Did you make it up? Was it some little spurt of activity that you had out of need to have action? I’d like to know where it came from because it’s a very serious allegation.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:


Indeed, it is a very serious allegation. In fact, Trump has opened himself up to a defamation lawsuit, which President Obama should most certainly file. Trump should not be allowed to get away with making such accusations. There needs to be consequences.

But Congress is apparently still trying to bail Trump out. Despite the missed deadline, Congress extended it to March 20th and if the Justice Department still has no proof it appears that Republicans are going to use their subpoena power to start a witch hunt against President Obama rather than do anything about Trump’s Russia scandal.

Joe Scarborough is right. This administration is a joke. And so are Republicans in Congress.

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