Trump Tries Taking Credit For Jobs Created By Obama Economy And Gets BURIED For It

Donald Trump is getting fantastically mocked right now for bragging about jobs that are being created as a result of President Obama’s economic policies.

As soon as the February jobs report was released, Trump and conservative media immediately jumped all over the report as proof that Trump is creating jobs in America as he promised to do during the campaign.

The problem is that Trump once called these jobs reports “phony” when they were issued under President Obama, who oversaw a record 75 consecutive months of job creation in this country.

But now that Trump is in office, he is touting the jobs reports as “real” and is taking credit for the job creation even though that job creation is directly tied to Obama’s economic policies — Trump has not yet done anything at all with regard to the economy.

Apparently, Trump watched Fox News on Tuesday morning and decided to brag on Twitter about the job creation.

Of course, Trump hasn’t been in office long enough to see what affect his economic policies will have on the job market. Plus he really hasn’t done much on the economy because all he has done so far is issue executive orders. Basically, Trump is trying to take credit for job creation that should be attributed to President Obama in order to make himself look competent.

Twitter users, of course, were the first to call out Trump’s bullshit.

Featured image via Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images